Do you really want to rule the world? Sure, why not.

If you ask any technical manager what his objective is for the day, he will usually have a reasonably normal response.  If you ask my husband he invariably responds with, “The same thing we do every day.  Take over the world, Pinky.”

Now, that’s not to say my husband has aspirations to take over the world.  Ok, maybe he does (he is a programmer, after all), but that’s not my point.  Most people get out of bed every day and think, “I’ll do what I do every day today once again.”  It’s easy.  It’s comfortable.  It’s what has become normal to them.

What if today is the day?  Today you are going to do something so radical everyone is shocked.

I’m not talking radical like Walter White Breaking Bad crystal meth radical.  

I’m talking about changing your whole view on the day the moment you crawl out of bed today.

Stop and ask yourself one thing:  what could I do today that would make one of my employees feel fantastic about themselves and in turn make them thoroughly enjoy working today?

Sound insane?  Really? Then maybe you should rethink your career choice in management.

Yes, it’s easy to find employees doing things “wrong” but why don’t you take today – just one day – and really look for someone doing something super right?

“Word up” (slang for listen) for the day – and in a really good way.  Tonight someone on your team will go home and brag to their spouse about the great day they had and you’ll come home and brag to yours about how productive the team seemed today.





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