Do you want to be the first person he ever manages?

Ok, so everyone starts somewhere.  However, do you remember the first time you managed a staff (even if just one person?)  I don’t know about you – I was a HORRIBLE manager!  I had no clue what I was doing.  It’s like parenting. One day you are sailing along by yourself just working like crazy on what you love to do and the next day you have this human being dependent on you for his/her sustenance.  No instruction manuals.  No “do overs” when you screw up.

Well, ask yourself this:  If you are offered a job at a company where you’d be the first person ever to work for the hiring manager, would you take it?

Most people don’t think about it before they take a job.  Most people just assume the person hiring them knows how to manage, right?  Have you ever interviewed for a job and asked the hiring person if he/she has ever manage anyone before?

I bring all this up because of a recent experience I’ve had with my own manager being a virgin to that position.  Wow.  What a roller coaster.  I think the situation was exacerbated by his short temper, but it was definitely a volatile environment.  I think I should have earned hazard pay.

The one takeaway I have from this whole experience is to really, really understand how much experience a manager has before you accept a new position.  It’ll definitely make my short list of questions I ask in interviews going forward.

~ Amy



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